The Difficulty in Diagnosing Voice Problems!

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Our voices are unbelievably important. Just ask a professional singer who knows the value of being able to deliver a consistent performance on stage each night. Speak to a movie or television star who needs to maintain a high standard of voice control, clarity and projection. Radio presenters and voice over artists must remain audibly ‘professional’. Teachers need to speak loudly to be heard by their class and lawyers and public speakers need to be able to project their voice to be heard by their audience. The truth is that we all rely on our voice, to be heard!

Many factors can contribute to voice problems and diagnosis may be difficult in some cases. Often, a combination of an Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist or ENT) and a Speech Pathologist may be needed. An Otolaryngologist may use a stroboscope to check for cysts, vocal fold nodules, vocal cord dysfunction, muscle tension or other obstructions causing damage to the vocal cords. A Speech Therapist will conduct an assessment to and determine the cause of the voice problems and a Speech Pathologist will also be responsible for starting therapy to ‘fix’ the problem.

In certain cases, surgery may be needed, because vocal problems could be the result of many different factors- physical, spiritual and emotional. In any individual diagnosis, a combination of therapy, medication, or surgery may be necessary.

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