Are Speech Pathology and Speech Therapy the same thing?

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The terms “Speech Therapy” and “Speech Pathology” are often used interchangeably and I’m often asked- what is the difference?

Previously, the university course was language and communications based and those who graduated from the course were called Speech Therapists. Speech Therapists work with people who have communication issues such as speech issues (how the person sounds when they are talking), language issues (both understanding what is being said and speaking in the correct way) and voice issues (for example quiet, hoarse voice, high pitched voice etc.).

In the last few decades, the university course changed to an Applied Science degree and has become more medically focused. People who graduated from the Applied Science degree are called Speech Pathologists.

Speech Pathologists work with people who have communication issues (all the issues that were previously discussed), as do Speech Therapists, however Speech Pathologists also work with people who have swallowing problems (and this can include tracheostomy management).

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