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Under the guidance of Nikki Martin, a highly trained Speech Pathologist based in Sydney, Australia, you can protect your most valuable assets, your Voice and Swallow function, and perform at your best every time.

Speech Pathology Sydney

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“Our aim is to help you rediscover joy and confidence as you overcome your voice and swallowing problems.”

Nikki Martin is a Speech Pathologist with 22 years experience. She is a skilled Speech Pathologist with immense experience in Voice and Swallowing problems, with an exceptionally high client success rate.

Voice and Swallowing problems can have a profoundly negative impact on quality of life, making people feel disillusioned and negatively affecting their self-esteem and self-perception. Nikki derives great fulfillment as a Speech Pathologist by working with her patients to overcome these challenges and achieve their goals via her Speech Pathology Programs.

If you are looking for a Speech Pathologist in Sydney, require remote Speech Therapy sessions via Skype, or if you have any Speech Pathology questions, don’t hesitate to contact or call Nikki today on 0410 777 034.

Nikki Martin Speech Sydney

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Based in Sydney, Nikki Martin is a Speech Pathologist offering assessment and treatment across a wide spectrum of Voice, Speech and Swallowing problems. Speech Pathology can include objective, diagnostic Voice and Swallow Clinic assessments conducted jointly with an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor (a GP referral to the ENT doctor is required).

Speech Pathology Sydney

Swallowing Issues

These can include: Food sticking in the mouth or throat, Taking more time to finish a meal, Weight loss, Drooling of saliva or loss of food or fluid from the mouth, Nasal regurgitation – food, drinks or saliva coming out of the nose, An excessively dry mouth, Avoidance of certain food types, like dry foods or foods that are hard to chew.
Voice Relate Issues

Voice Issues

These can include: Difficulty producing the voice, or increased effort is required to produce the voice, vocal fatigue. It can be tiring to produce the voice, either all the time or after extended use. Difficulty talking when there is background noise. This can be distressing as it may cause you to avoid certain social situations, Diagnosed lumps or bumps.

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“Speech Pathology is the assessment and treatment of people across a range of voice, swallowing, languages and speech problems”

What is speech pathology Sydney

What is Speech Pathology?

Speech Pathology is a University degree that has a medical background in communication and swallowing issues. Within the speech pathology program/degree course, all participants have

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